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What I Wore- Monday

I bring you, Monday’s outfit of the day. Yes, I know this was taken in an elevator.  Yes I know this is incredibly awkward, I live in fear at getting stopped on the second floor and caught by a coworker! How do you fashion bloggers do it? How do you manage to get non bathroom or work selfies AND not look awkward? Try as I might, i always get caught trying to get a picture of my outfit and end up getting caught. Instead of just owning it, I awkwardly try to play it cool as if I wasn’t doing anything. I’m the queen of awkward, just to let you know.

Outfit of the Day 11/9

the blazer is from my recent Stitch Fix No. 9. It is the Kensie Rebekah Blazer. The tunic tank is from CAbi (I forget the name and season), jeans are Paige Skyline Skinnies and flats are Cole Haan. It is a Monday and that means I typically scan my closet and choose an outfit that I know I like and works in the past. The perfect example is shown above. When I get new pieces I somehow manage to forget all the other amazing pieces I have in my closet and wear the crap out of one or two. Guys, it gets old. How do I utilize my wardrobe and remember that there is more to my closet than the new, cute blazer? I have so many great pieces but somehow get distracted by the new ones.

How do you utilize what you have? Help!


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