Stitch Fix Reveal- No. 10

This is my first “official” Stitch Fix reveal here on the new blog. In excited to share Stitch Fix No. 10 with you all! 

First, have you tried Stitch Fix? Here’s the process behind a “Fix”.

1. You start by completing your style profile – there will be questions on your price points, style preferences, sizing,  items you want to receive, those you don’t want to get, colors and areas you like to highlight. Then, write additional notes about what you like and what works. Make sure to link your fashion inspiration board on Pinterest so your stylist can see what you like and ideas. 

2. Now, order that fix! You will be charged a $20 styling fee however, that styling fee goes towards any item you decide to keep. If you decide to keep nothing, the styling fee is lost. I suggest keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags]. I only want clothing in my fix so I always let my stylist know! Oh, and if you keep all five you get a 25% discount! 

3. It’s here! Try it all on. Decide what you want and what you want to send back  in the prepaid envelope that is included. You have 3 business days to decide and contact customer service should you have any issues. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone! Keep an open mind and try it all on. 

I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, but this is not a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in four months or years. As always, if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section 

If you see something you like and want to pin,  click the picture it will take you straight to the Pinterest pin. Feel free to pin anything and note to your stylist if you want that item.

1. Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater: Medium- Kept 

I had purchased another Cotulla from another member in the cream in a large. I sold it because the fit wasn’t quite right. I adore this navy version in a medium! It’s a lot more flattering and I LOVE the color! 


2. 41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Rouched Sleeve Blazer- Kept

I adore this blazer! I have it in grey and navy. This is one of the most versatile pieces I own and it is great with both jeans and dress pants.

3 and 4. Three Dots Bedford Metallic Print Knit Top and Liverpool Anita Skinny Pant – Kept Both 

These pieces are awesome! I love the top but am going to exchange it for a larger size. It’s just a bit snug for my liking. I really want to not like it! It’s a metallic cheetah print sweatshirt! However, I love it. I have these Anita Skinny Pants in Olive from a previous fix and love the new red ones! 

I have to take a picture of the cardigan that I just realized I somehow missed! 

Oh, here’s my embarrassing unboxing video. It’s my first try so please be gentle!! Stitch Fix No. 10 Unboxing 

 This completes my 10th fix! Want to try Stitch? (Pssssttt! This is the perfect time to add “stitch fix gift card” to your Christmas list or buy one for somebody else!) If you do, let me know how it goes! 

What was your favorite piece? 


3 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Reveal- No. 10

  1. Thanks for sharing! I have a Cotulla arriving today! I am SO EXCITED! I have been hoping for it with every fix, and this one, from peeking on the app seems awesome. So glad you liked the Cotulla you received this time. Very nice fix – very spunky! 🙂



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