Stitch Fix Reveal- No. 10

This is my first “official” Stitch Fix reveal here on the new blog. In excited to share Stitch Fix No. 10 with you all!  First, have you tried Stitch Fix? Here’s the process behind a “Fix”. 1. You start by completing your style profile – there will be questions on your price points, style preferences,… Continue reading Stitch Fix Reveal- No. 10

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Thursday Night Thoughts

Where do I start? As a novice “blogger” one of the challenges is focusing and narrowing my posts down to one or two topics. As a fair warning, I’m known to be “wordy”. Consider this my warning and apology in advance. I have no doubt that I will eventually look back on these early posts… Continue reading Thursday Night Thoughts

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What I Wore- Monday

I bring you, Monday’s outfit of the day. Yes, I know this was taken in an elevator.  Yes I know this is incredibly awkward, I live in fear at getting stopped on the second floor and caught by a coworker! How do you fashion bloggers do it? How do you manage to get non bathroom or work… Continue reading What I Wore- Monday


Monday Morning and a Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Who am I kidding, who really looks forward to Monday morning? Not I! If you do, more power to you and I want to know your secret. I hope my dropping and breaking the entire container of Shatto chocolate milk this morning is not an indicator of how this week will go. Prior to… Continue reading Monday Morning and a Weekend Recap

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Ready for Fall! 

I love Fall. Fall is my favorite season for style. I always look forward to with the rich colors and textures that come with the change of season. I could easily write an ode about the many different reasons why I love Fall. However, I will spare you the suffering and instead show my love… Continue reading Ready for Fall!